Our Approach

With a deep rooted history in Santa Barbara, Peterson's Tree Care owner Peter Scott has a wealth of knowledge in the local community and experienced many many land diversified projects throughout the years. Clients praise the heavy investment in todays modern equipment and its not a surprise when another companies "we can't do that" answer is a reason why people return to Petersons Tree Care for the can do excellence.

Customer 5 Star Review

Bill Makler:    "They are sought after for their intelligent handling of tree care issues that can turn out to be surprisingly complicated."

Meet the Team

We have passion for what we do, we follow all the current trends and invest heavily in the most current technology.


Peter Scott


Tree expert with over 25 years experience.

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Nancy Hitchcock

Office Manager

Tree lover with bird houses in her heart.

Next Steps...

Call, text, email, shout or send a carrier pigeon whatever it takes we will get you the best most comparable quote for your job we can provide. Reach out and we are here....